• The Client BLOOMBERG
  • Release Date 2014
  • What We Did Design & Animation
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In this branded corporate explainer video we created custom vector art and animation to tell “A Tale of Two CIO’s”.  This video needed to be clear and entertaining, while showcasing all of the features of Bloomberg Vault’s cloud-based file analytics tool. To do this, we followed two characters (Phil and Ted) as they navigate their data and file management woes in the corporate finance world. While Phil flounders with his “business as usual” approach, Ted upgrades to Bloomberg Vault File Analytics and immediately starts benefitting from its data management, compliance and e-discovery features, allowing him time to fulfill personal goals and live a full life. This humorous corporate finance fable was used as sales and marketing tool for Bloomberg, and brought some lighthearted charm to potentially stodgy subject matter.

Main Title

BVFA -A Tale Of Two CIOs_3

Alternate Concept