• The Client AEG Presents
  • Release Date November 2017
  • What We Did Strategy & Conceptualization, Editorial, Design & Animation
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The Ether announced Katy Perry’s Witness World Tour in a six-month, 360° Marketing Campaign via a series of teasers and trailers our team conceptualized and edited for theaters, broadcast, and social media (including square and vertical Instagram formats).

With minimal footage available and the Witness album yet unreleased, our initial teaser nonetheless racked up over one million views on social media. From there, each phase of the campaign evolved to incorporate new performance footage and graphic treatments, leading up to an all-Witness reveal in the final trailer. Intricately layered editorial and graphic treatments capture the eye-popping spectacle of a Perry production; and music cues echo the concert set, journeying through Perry’s biggest milestones and mega-hits right up to her latest album.

Trailer 1


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