• The Client Universal
  • Release Date November 2011
  • What We Did trailer, TV spots, outdoor marketing
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The Ether worked on branding Universal’s Tower Heist campaign for over six months. Graphics created by The Ether became the uniform look for the entire marketing campaign being used in the Trailer, TV Spots and blanketed across billboards, buses and benches for the outdoor marketing campaign.

We gave Brett Ratner’s new action/comedy a larger than life feel that also reflected the narrative of the film. The Trump Tower, NYC skyline and gold typography were modeled from scratch in Cinema 4D. Dynamic camera moves that take us around the building from card to card on a journey to the final payoff of the Main Title.

“The Ether created snazzy imagery combining a cityscape, a skyscraper,and shimmering typography for the trailer for Universal Pictures’ Tower Heist.”– StudioDaily

Our work was even featured in a StudioDaily article extensively detailing the VFX and animation process. A video breakdown of the graphics (below) was featured on the YouTube page for Maxon, makers of the 3D software Cinem4D, and also screened for DMALA.


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