The guys at The Ether are taking out their frustrations with GE using design to speak their mind!
As the tax deadline rapidly approaches, everyone is struggling to make sure the man get’s paid. Well, almost everyone. Not GE! The brand we THINK we know but we have no idea. We know the basics. GE is a household brand. We know that they make everyday appliances (ie.Refrigerator, washing machines, lighting).
You probably don’t know that GE has their hand in Everything! We mean‚ĶEverything!!!
Did you know they fund and produce oil, nuclear energy and weapons of mass destruction?
Did you know they like to hide their profits & spending in offshore ventures?
Did you know that last year GE’s U.S. profits totaled $14 Billion Dollars?
Did you also know that GE paid $0 in Federal Taxes?
That’s right – GE PAID $0 IN FEDERAL TAXES!!
These designers are mad as hell and decided to do something about it.
Let the Global Revolution begin!
GE: No Taxation! Too Much Representation!