• The Client CMT
  • Release Date June 2012
  • What We Did Design & Animation
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CMT came to The Ether to brand their new red, white and blue collared competition series, Redneck Island. With a name like that, how can you not be excited?! We decided to pitch an off the wall idea that the client loved! The concept combined two things that we admittedly love – a Tiki theme and Steve Austin (yes, we said it).

What began as a tiki statue of Austin evolved into a flowing camera move through the Island’s interior, passing cast IDs and redneck whatsits and doohickies until it arrives at a fully flushed out custom 3D “Tiki Steve.” As night falls, the Main Title sign spikes into the ground, barrels ignite, and Tiki Steve comes alive.

Seasons two and three build upon the original open, showcasing the highlights of each season.

Season 2

Season 3