• The Client Schweet Entertainment
  • Release Date April 2011
  • What We Did branding, logo & animation
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Jack Osbourne and producing partner Rob Worsoff enlisted The Ether to create the identity for their newly founded production company.

Jack had a very specific idea for “Schweet” – a saying that he and his friends have used for years to describe something cool or “sweet”. His initial idea consisted of 3 birds in a nest tweeting until the 3rd “ugly duckling” bird yelped out a “SCHWEET!” The main challenge was figuring out what the hero bird’s personality and look would be.

“Working with The Ether is comparable to having a finely tailored suit hand-made for you on Rodeo Drive… Greg and his team developed a work of art that perfectly represents my company and it’s brand values.”
— Jack Osbourne

The most important part of our field is still the concept, design and typography. Even though the logo would eventually need to be animated we never detracted from the realization that it had to tell a story and work as a logo first. Solving the look of the hero bird was tough as we explored hundreds of sketches and dozens of solutions. We eventually got rid of a nest idea to have the birds on barbed wire. Sound design would also play a hug role and was truthfully the funnest part of the process tying in personal aspects of Jack’s hard rock background into the mnemonic.

The Identity went on to win a Brand New Award for one of the best movement based identities of 2010.


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