• The Client AEG Presents
  • Release Date February 2018
  • What We Did Strategy, Design, Editorial & Animation
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The Ether updated its 360° Marketing Campaign to announce “more, more, more!” of the Rolling Stones’ No Filter tour to hit the UK, Ireland, and additional European cities in Summer 2018. The extended campaign comprises individual announcement trailers for the EU and UK, as well as custom TV and social spots for all cities.

Editorial updates include new footage of the tour, countries, and venues in black and white, while colorful brush strokes give the design a literal fresh coat of paint that offsets the lyrics to “Paint It Black.” Other spots among the 30-plus deliverables showcase the band’s extensive song library, including a special UK trailer to commemorate the Stones’ “coming home” for their first UK tour in several years.

UK Trailer

Instagram Spots

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