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The crime drama starring the red hot Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson has taken audiences by storm with HBO’s premiere of True Detective. This is the “network’s biggest series premiere audience since 2010” reported the Times shortly after it made its debut. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to design, animate and execute the trailer and marketing campaign, using a very hands-on approach. We took our craftsmanship to new heights and embraced the spirit of New Orleans by creating a look that was so authentically gritty that we literally got our hands dirty in the process.

Using physical materials such as dirt and paper letter forms, we intricately set the type by hand over a light box to achieve the look we envisioned. By channeling our inner detective, we explored the dark nuances of the story’s universe to deliver a presence so befitting to the show’s unique character.

Again, an enormous ‘Thank You’ goes out to Motive Creative and HBO for giving us the opportunity to design and produce the graphics for what promises to be yet another hit series from a company who is no stranger to great storytelling.